2016 Carsey Publications


First in the Nation: New Hampshire’s Changing Electorate
 Kenneth M. Johnson, Dante J. Scala, Andrew Smith

The Impact of Financial Products and Services on Quality of Life
Michael Swack

After Years of Decline, Private Health Insurance Rates Among Children Grew in 2014
Michael J. Staley

Child Poverty Higher and More Persistent in Rural America
Andrew Schaefer, Marybeth Mattingly, Kenneth M. Johnson

Exclusionary Discipline Highest in New Hampshire’s Urban Schools:
Suspension and Expulsion Found to Disproportionately Affect Disadvantaged Students

Douglas Gagnon, Eleanor M. Jaffee, Reeve Kennedy

Carsey Perspectives: Saving Salt, Protecting Watersheds, in Winter Road Maintenance:
Highlights from a Social Venture Innovation Challenge Winner

Andrew Jaccoma


The Unmet Need for Care:
Vulnerability Among Older Adults

Rebecca Glauber, Melissa Day

Clean Water for Less: Integrated Planning Reduces the Cost of Meeting Water Quality Goals in New Hampshire
Alison Watts, Robert Roseen, Paul Stacey, Renee Bourdeau, Theresa Walker

Forests in Flux:
The Effects of Demographic Change on Forest Cover in New England and New York

Mark Ducey, Kenneth M. Johnson, Ethan P. Belair, Miranda H. Mockrin

After a Parent Left Employment, One in Five Children Lost Private Insurance
Kristin Smith

Carsey Perspectives:
Is the Poverty Rate 1.1 Percent?

Michael Ettlinger, Andrew Schaefer

U.S. Births Remain Low as the Great Recession Wanes:
More Than Three Million Fewer Births and Still Counting

Kenneth M. Johnson

Was December Warm? Family, Politics, and Recollections of Weather
Lawrence Hamilton, Mary Lemcke-Stampone


Hispanic Children Least Likely to Have Health Insurance:
Citizenship, Ethnicity, and Language Barriers to Coverage

Michael J. Staley, Jessica Carson

Fewer Than Half of WIC-Eligible Families Receive WIC Benefits
Kristin Smith

Carsey Perspectives: Water Concerns Unite Citizen Activists:
A Community Rights Movement Transcends Party, Age, and Gender

Cliff Brown

Over 80 Percent of New Hampshire Residents Support Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance
 Kristin Smith

Carsey Perspectives: Bridging Farm and Table:
The ‘Harvest to Market’ Innovation

Andrew Walters, Edie Allard

Overall Declines in Child Poverty Mask Relatively Stable Rates Across States
Andrew Schaefer, Jessica Carson, Marybeth Mattingly

Paid Family and Medical Leave in New Hampshire: Who Has It? Who Takes It?
Kristin Smith, Nicholas Adams


Demographic and Economic Characteristics of Immigrant and Native-Born Populations in Rural and Urban Places
Andrew Schaefer, Marybeth Mattingly

Where Is the North Pole?
An Election-Year Survey on Global Change

Lawrence Hamilton

Most U.S. School Districts Have Low Access to School Counselors:
Poor, Diverse, and City School Districts Exhibit Particularly High Student-to-Counselor Ratios

Douglas Gagnon, Marybeth Mattingly

Child Care Costs Exceed 10 Percent of Family Income for One in Four Families
Marybeth Mattingly, Andrew Schaefer, Jessica Carson

CDFIs and Online Business Lending:
A Review of Recent Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

Jack Northrup, Eric Hangen, Michael Swack

White Deaths Exceed Births in One-Third of U.S. States
Rogelio Sáenz and Kenneth M. Johnson

The Impact of State Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance Coverage at the County Level
Danielle C. Rhubart